Friday, 14 July 2017

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Friday, 21 April 2017

A cross with the best - VJ Messi

Leonel x VJ Hjern x DJ Hulk
gNTM +19

VJ Messi is out of ”Hoeholt Hjern Hjoerri”, bred in the Hoeholt Jersey herd in Denmark. The herd has bred a number of excellent bulls for the VikingJersey program over the last years. Just to mention a few: VJ James, VJ Hjorri and VJ Luluk.

The sire of VJ Messi is the American bull Faria Brothers Leonel-ET. Maternal Grand Sire, VJ Hjern, is a Q Hirse out of a Q Handix. The dam of VJ Messi, Hoeholt Hjern Hjoerri, has just ended her first lactation with sky-high components: 7.38% fat and 4.83% protein. Also the ma-ternal grand was at an exceptional level, with 6,75% and 4.64%. 

VJ Messi will breed high production of solids, long-living and healthy cows. Daughters will be tall and with exceptionally good rear udders. VJ Messi is an ideal cross with US and Danish Jersey genetics. He will work well in combination with all pedigrees except from those with Leonel and DJ Hulk genes. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

New combination = excellent Health & Fertility - VJ James

VJ Jern x VJ Zolt x DJ Hulk
gNTM +22

VJ James is out of ”Hoeholt Zolt Zoe”, bred in the Hoeholt Jersey herd in Denmark. The herd has bred a number of excellent bulls for the VikingJersey program over the last years. Just to mention a few: VJ Messi, VJ Hjorri and VJ Luluk. The sire of VJ James is VJ Jern, a DJ Jason son out of a Q Hirse daughter. Maternal GS, VJ Zolt is a DJ Zuma out of a Q Hirse.

The dam of VJ James, Hoeholt Zolt Zoe, VG89, has just ended first lactation, with 6.12% fat and 4.37% protein. Grand dam was even higher, with 6.48% fat and 4.77% protein. VJ James is an improver of components and solids.

VJ James will breed fertile, healthy and long-living daughters. Daughters will be tall and dairy, with good legs, high attached rear udders and shallow udders.  VJ James is a good “all round bull” who will work very well in nearly all combinations without DJ Hulk in the pedigree. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Outcross, exceptional breeding profile - VJ Quintana

VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Prima
gNTM +27

VJ Quintana is out of ”Krogaard Zuma Zophia”, bred in the Krogaard Jersey herd in Denmark. A number of very good bulls are bred in this herd, such as OJY Mikkel, FYN Nis, SKAE Krig, DJ Lucus and VJ Primus (last two in the Quintana family)

The sire of VJ Quintana is famous VJ Rodme, well-known as a type and udder improver. The dam of VJ Quintana, Krogaard Zuma Zophia, has also contributed to the exceptional breeding profile of the bull. She is an extreme producer. Yearly average is 11,240 kg milk with 5.70% fat and 4.17% protein.

He is named after the famous bike rider Nairo Quintana, who won the Vuelta a EspaƱa 2016.

VJ Quintana breeds high production of fat and protein, with high percentages. He is a fertility, udder health and longevity improver. Daughters are expected to be tall, with a very good type (show type). Udders will be extremely shallow, high and wide rear udders with strong ligament. VJ Quintana will work very well in combination with pedigrees from US, Canada and NZ.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

High protein and good fertility - VJ Role

VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason

First Rodme son offers protein, fertility, health and excellent udders.
VJ Role is from the Birkelygaard herd in Denmark. Same breeder and herd has also bred VJ Lesten, VJ Lago and VJ Libero.

The dam of VJ Role has an average yearly production of 8700 kg milk with 5.20% fat and 3.90% protein, in two years. 

VJ Rodme has been VikingJersey top bull for the last two years, and now the first sons are ready to take over. VJ Rodme is a VJ Hubert (DJ Hulk son) out of a DJ May daughter.

VJ Role breeds high volume of milk and protein, good fertility and exceptional udder health.

Daughters of VJ Role are expected to be tall with good frame, and udders are expected to be extremely shallow and well-attached with strong ligament. Teat size and placement will also be ideal. 

VJ Role (VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason)

Friday, 13 January 2017

Solids, health and super udders

VJ Lesten
VJ Lurik x VJ Hickey x VJ    Ramses
gNTM +21

VJ Lesten is bred in the Birkelygaard herd in Gesten, Denmark, one of the most successful breeders of VikingJersey bulls over the last couple of years, with bulls like VJ Libero, VJ Lago, VJ Role and now VJ Lesten, which is the first VJ Lurik son to be marketed.

VJ Lurik is an outcross (DJ Lix out of a VJ Hamsum daughter). VJ Lesten is free of DJ Hulk and Q  Impuls genes.

Birkelygaard Hickey Silene is just ending her first lactation with 6,300 kg milk, 6.18% fat  and 4.21% protein. VJ Lesten breeds very high production of solids and increases percentages as well. He breeds best bulls for udder health, and improves fertility and longevity.

Exceptional udders are VJ Lesten’s trademarks. Both fore udders, rear udder height and width are extremely good. Udders are shallow, teats are of ideal size and placed perfectly. It will be a great pleasure to milk VJ Lesten daughters.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

An expert in production with high protein - VJ Lari

VJ Lappe x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason
gNTM +21

VJ Lari is bred in the Hvedslund Jersey herd in Denmark. Hvedslund Zuma Frederike, VG 87, has been milking for 2.7 years with an average of 7350 kg milk with 6.21% fat and 4.37% protein. 

This sire is out of VJ Lappe, the first VJ Lure son to be marketed.  

VJ Lari breeds high protein production and percentage. He improves udder health and longevity. VJ Lari is one of the best sires for F&L especially for foot angle. Udders are excellent: well attached fore udders, very high attached rear udders and super shallow and good teat size. 

VJ Lari (VJ Lappe x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason)